The visual appearance of turquoise engagement rings

Turquoise engagement rings and their visual appearance

Turquoise engagement rings have stones, probably the oldest gemstones used one at all. So already saw Egyptians and Mesoamericans thousands years before Christ in the stone something special and used it for jewelery.
Even today the turquoise ring for its green is estimated to light blue color. For the coloring of the respective iron and copper content in turquoise is responsible, which the turquoise ring are its respective color.

turquoise engagement rings

Since turquoise is opaque, the customary sections, such as for an aquamarine ring, out of the question. These cuts include, for example the brilliant cut or baguette, which are designed to break the light in the stone and bring him sparkle. This does not work when your wear turquoise engagement rings. Therefore, here the cabochon is applied. This cut must you look at the stone introduced as a hemisphere. The bottom of the Turquoise is flat, the top of the stone rises like a dome on the turquoise ring. The hemisphere is thereby highly polished so that they reflect light well. The turquoise ring obtains its glossy finish.

The turquoise ring used rather than jewelry ring

The turquoise ring is mainly used as jewelery ring and there often combined with chains of turquoise. The reason for this is the rather striking color of turquoise, which can easily be combined with some outfits. Unfortunately, this also means that the turquoise ring can not be combine with everything. Thus, the turquoise ring is also rather rare as unusual wedding ring or engagement ring in question. But if you want the new outfit of girlfriend sweeten who can buy this ring for your girlfriend. Due to the rather high level of availability of turquoise, these jewels are not very expensive.

Protect the turquoise ring before cosmetic products

Basically any jewelry should be protected from too much contact with cosmetic products. This applies to the turquoise ring in particular. The turquoise is from its texture more porous and brittle. If the turquoise ring with creams and perfumes in touch, so its surface can lose their luster and the structures of the turquoise ring damage. This can go so far that the turquoise ring loses its color. In addition, the turquoise ring should be protected from excessive sunlight. For spot cleaning agents should be given care, because not all are suitable for the turquoise ring and the turquoise ring may be damaged.

The turquoise ring, a porous matter

Turquoise comes in different qualities before around the globe. Basically, the Turquoise is a porous stone. Depending on the quality a little more or a little less, so that not everyone Turquoise for a turquoise ring comes into question. Some manufacturers, therefore, reinforce the turquoise with resins such as epoxy resin, to stabilize it. These methods are more controversial in the jewelry industry, as is greatly interfered with the natural appearance of the stone. Thus, the turquoise ring is to get even cheaper with such a stone.